Saturday, April 10, 2010

Well, its been a few days since I wrote, sorry aboot that.

I Guess I have been having an ok week. You know except paying rent I cant afford, putting my friends car in the shop to get fixed so I can give my other friend his car back. I have just felt overwhelmed lately, low on money, love and family. I know this is not true and in time it will pass.

I have , though been having good work week. Monday I was so tired from lack of sleep Sunday night, due to some cats. I was suppose to drive to Fresno and do a couple jobs, but I was so tired when I picked my friend up, he volunteered to drive to Fresno and let me sleep, That was awsome.

Tuesday, I didn't do much, just work. I had lunch with one of the girls from H.R., it was cool, had some really good mexican food, man I love mexican food. I even had it again after work when I picked up Aimee and grant from the airport. Those guys were still ripped from their Vegas trip. Later on that night I got a call from my friend Gabi, want'n to know if I could house sit for the night, It's been 4 days since I have been in my own bed. Gabi is a funny chic, after I told her I would stay at her house for the night, she told me not to use the bathroom its been acting up, and for me not to mind the porn she has stashed under the T.V., I never found the porn.

Wed. I had a good day, bad night. My job sites were in Big Sur and Carmel, such a beautiful place. I love these days when the days are warm and sunny and driving along the coast. I was in such a good mood when I arrived at jack's bars, Aimee was workin when I walked in, so i pulled up a stool and ordered a beer and continued to let her know how good I felt. Later on Jessica came in and we talked for a minute, then it started feeling like she was purposly giveing me a hard time , I told her I wasn't going to let her get me down, and gave her a hard time right back. I don't think she cared for that to much cause she left right afterwards, ofcourse I feel like an asshole now, but I am no gonna apologize to her. I went home and started feeling a little sad because I had such a good day, then to spend it alone at night, kinda dont want good days if I have noone to share them with. I guess I was feelin bad that night cause I was a dick to a girl I kinda have a crush on, wow thats the first time I have said that, anyway.

Thursday was a really cool day, I drove to Eureka. I have finally seen the redwood forest and Mendacino county and Humbolt, so pretty up there. I got back home around 8 pm to see Gilbert and the rest of his crew in the back house watching the hockey game, I bought a 12 pack of Pabst and sat by a fire I made in the the fire pit on the patio and just watched the flames. A little later on some girls showed up with some beers and meat. I started the pit so they could cook and talked to them for a while. After the game, I was a little buzzed and we all decided to go bar hoping. First we went to Cinabar, but I didnt go inside , too crowded for me, then we went to the Caravan and I sat and talked to one of the girls somemore while I sipped on a cold Miller Highlife, she was crackin me up and we were laughin, after that we went to the Blank club, well I got to the front door, I was just too tired and my ankle was killin me from trying to break firewood earlier, so I got a cab back to the house. On the way home i had the cab driver pull over to a taco truck and got a burrito, which later I came to regret.

Friday, I wasn't very productive, I did my paperwork for work, then went home and pretty much slept all day, except getting a hoagie with Clint and Guch.

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