Thursday, April 15, 2010

so, lets see, the last time I wrote anything was Wed. huh. So Wed was a good day too. I woke around 5 am and did the usual, took a shower dryed hair, brushed teeth, combed hair, got dressed and finished combing hair, blogged about yesterday. And as i was getting dresses, I thought " U know what, Jess and Holly might wanna go with me today, Afterall, its gonna be a nice day, I'll be in Carmel, why not", So I texted her and asked if they wanted to go. She replied back with a "yes" we discused what time and logistics. She came over around 9ish am, we transfered her's and Hollies stuff into my car, I got my GPS and Computer all Ste to the Map of routes we will be drivin. And off we go.

I dont know if you have ever had one of those days u never wanted to end, but I did that day. When we left my house we went to my first site in San jose, Then when i finished that, I drove us down to to the closest star bucks, where she ordered what ever latte grande vente thing she ordered was. We had a few moments while waiting for them to make her drink, so we stood to the side and talked a little about how this and that, joking about the other people in the room. She got her coffee and fused around the sugar cream counter, apperantly they were out of half and half, so Jess asked all sweatly to the baresta " May I please of some half and half, you know the good stuff", the girl smiled and said, "oh , sorry, no problem" and with a smile and a happy face the 2 of them made some small talk while I was looking at the newest C.D. that Star Bucks Puts on it's shelf. There was a CD of baby lulliby music, It was all classic rock songs put to lullibies.
I should Jess when she was done talking to the girl behind the counter, I set it back on the shelf and out the door we went. We got into the car and headed down the 101 south.

We drove down 101s and kinda talked about life , relationships, this that, u know.
The first site I came to was in Big Sur, it was a light house out on a point. I pulled up to the gate and pulled up a page on my computer that gives me combo's and directions, and of course no combo, just a box that said "look up special directions", I kinda thought to my self " g, I thought this was were i looked for special directions".

I blew that site off real quick after I saw a sign that said " NO DOGS, not even in your car".

Jessica and me kinda discused about how hungry we both are, so I told her about a reasturaunt off of hwy 1 that has a river right behind it, we could eat there and let Holly run around for a minute, after all she has been watching with drool out her mouth watching the beaches go by.
I set the place on the GPS, and it was only about 5 miles away, so I tore off the gravel shoulder onto the hwy. We rolled down the road along the coast of Big Sur ooohiing and awwing at the beaches. I pointed out to her my favorite bridge, The "Bixby Bridge".
We arrived at a couple buildings off the road a few miles away from the beach on 1. I parked the car and we got out. I played with Holly, while Jess went and took care of some much needed P break. Holly and i played frisbee for a few minutes, when Jess came down a wooden stare case and jumped off the bottom step onto the grass, she had a big smile and leaned down as Holly ran over and started licking her face, "oh sugar bear" she said while hugging on Holly's neck. This was my cue to go and use the bathroom too, I asked her where the bathroom was, She told me and I hopped up onto the wooden steps and ran up them. I came back and told her that they sell breakfast burritoes in the store. We put holly in the car and went to the little store. On the way we stopped and looked at some pictures hanging outside the gift shop. We walked into the store and made our way to the back counter where they had a big white sign with a burrito menu, I ordered mine and Jess ordered the same thing. As the burrito.

You know what, I could tell you every monent of that day, after all I have it memorrized, but I am going to safe this day for myself, But i'll give ya the break down.

We drove around Carmel and Big sur, took holly to the beach and she played so much, we went back to my house where I had to poop really bad because of a certain breafast burrito. We keft there and went to her house were we layed on the couch and watched movies til she fel asleep. I left and went home.

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