Thursday, April 15, 2010

so, lets see, the last time I wrote anything was Wed. huh. So Wed was a good day too. I woke around 5 am and did the usual, took a shower dryed hair, brushed teeth, combed hair, got dressed and finished combing hair, blogged about yesterday. And as i was getting dresses, I thought " U know what, Jess and Holly might wanna go with me today, Afterall, its gonna be a nice day, I'll be in Carmel, why not", So I texted her and asked if they wanted to go. She replied back with a "yes" we discused what time and logistics. She came over around 9ish am, we transfered her's and Hollies stuff into my car, I got my GPS and Computer all Ste to the Map of routes we will be drivin. And off we go.

I dont know if you have ever had one of those days u never wanted to end, but I did that day. When we left my house we went to my first site in San jose, Then when i finished that, I drove us down to to the closest star bucks, where she ordered what ever latte grande vente thing she ordered was. We had a few moments while waiting for them to make her drink, so we stood to the side and talked a little about how this and that, joking about the other people in the room. She got her coffee and fused around the sugar cream counter, apperantly they were out of half and half, so Jess asked all sweatly to the baresta " May I please of some half and half, you know the good stuff", the girl smiled and said, "oh , sorry, no problem" and with a smile and a happy face the 2 of them made some small talk while I was looking at the newest C.D. that Star Bucks Puts on it's shelf. There was a CD of baby lulliby music, It was all classic rock songs put to lullibies.
I should Jess when she was done talking to the girl behind the counter, I set it back on the shelf and out the door we went. We got into the car and headed down the 101 south.

We drove down 101s and kinda talked about life , relationships, this that, u know.
The first site I came to was in Big Sur, it was a light house out on a point. I pulled up to the gate and pulled up a page on my computer that gives me combo's and directions, and of course no combo, just a box that said "look up special directions", I kinda thought to my self " g, I thought this was were i looked for special directions".

I blew that site off real quick after I saw a sign that said " NO DOGS, not even in your car".

Jessica and me kinda discused about how hungry we both are, so I told her about a reasturaunt off of hwy 1 that has a river right behind it, we could eat there and let Holly run around for a minute, after all she has been watching with drool out her mouth watching the beaches go by.
I set the place on the GPS, and it was only about 5 miles away, so I tore off the gravel shoulder onto the hwy. We rolled down the road along the coast of Big Sur ooohiing and awwing at the beaches. I pointed out to her my favorite bridge, The "Bixby Bridge".
We arrived at a couple buildings off the road a few miles away from the beach on 1. I parked the car and we got out. I played with Holly, while Jess went and took care of some much needed P break. Holly and i played frisbee for a few minutes, when Jess came down a wooden stare case and jumped off the bottom step onto the grass, she had a big smile and leaned down as Holly ran over and started licking her face, "oh sugar bear" she said while hugging on Holly's neck. This was my cue to go and use the bathroom too, I asked her where the bathroom was, She told me and I hopped up onto the wooden steps and ran up them. I came back and told her that they sell breakfast burritoes in the store. We put holly in the car and went to the little store. On the way we stopped and looked at some pictures hanging outside the gift shop. We walked into the store and made our way to the back counter where they had a big white sign with a burrito menu, I ordered mine and Jess ordered the same thing. As the burrito.

You know what, I could tell you every monent of that day, after all I have it memorrized, but I am going to safe this day for myself, But i'll give ya the break down.

We drove around Carmel and Big sur, took holly to the beach and she played so much, we went back to my house where I had to poop really bad because of a certain breafast burrito. We keft there and went to her house were we layed on the couch and watched movies til she fel asleep. I left and went home.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Best monday

Well, So far this Monday was the best one I have had in a while. I woke up around 5 am, took a hot shower to wake up, got dressed and headed to Concord to pick my buddy up, Another rainy Monday. Well about 5 minutes away fro his house he called me and told me not to bother picking him up, he was going to work from home today, I told him I was almost there and I was coming by anyway.

I arrived at my friends house and rang the door bell, waited for a second then he answered the door, I waited for him to get dressed and then we went for breakfast, The Country Waffle, Yummy.

I dropped him off at home then I went to the office to drop off some files and see if there were any files to be picked up and walked, there was not. So I left to go home.

On my way home I stopped by my old company to see how everyone was doing. John and Jin were the only ones there, I sat and talked to John for about 5 minutes, then I said my goodbye's and off I was.

I got home and unloaded my car of my computers and work stuff and headed into my room. I set everything in its place and decided I hadn't seen or talked to Jessica in a while, So I texted her to see if she wanted to go get lunch, She texted me back with a "yes" and to come over.

When I got there Holly greated me as usual. witha ball a smile and a wag of her tale. I noticed she had gotten a hair cut and now she looks like a little Polar Bear, so cute. I greated Jessica With A "Hello" and she informed me she was just finishing some legal process work stuff and she would be done in a sec. "no Problem" I replied back.

When she was done, we discussed where to eat, and I sugested a Noodle shop by my house. We agreed and headed over. Lunch was nice, It was kinda the first time we had a real conversation. We talked about her bakery buisness she is getting started, we talked a little about love, Man I wish I could tell her how I felt, she has already informed me that we are friends though, ahh.

After lunch we went back to her house and watched movies, just laying there on the freshly rearranged couch in her living room, watching her hugh TV, holly next to me on my right begging to be petted, she does not have to beg long before I am stroking her new short soft hair, so cute, did I mention that. On my left was Jessica's cat, she was sleeping from me stroking her long hair and tale.

We watched 3 movies, and just relaxed, I really enjoy chilln with Jessica. Around pm, I kissed her on the forehead and said goodbye and off I went.

I arrived home several minutes later to see Gilbert and 2 other guys hanging around a 91 ford taraus up on blocks. I said hello to evryone and turned around when I herd someone coming up the driveway, I turned around to see a friend of Gilbert's , Albert, he was coming over to help change the brakes on the ford. I sat there and talked to all the guys for about 30 minutes and decided it was time to go to bed. I picked myself up off the steps and off to bed I went.

So that was pretty much my day, doesn't sound like much, but it was full of people I enjoy being around, and that my friend is better than gold.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

sunday, boring sunday

Well, what a day today was. Aimee texted me 1st thing this mornin to see if I wanted to go on a hike with her and axle. I replied back "sur, but hows the weather, and I am starv'n", she replied back " weather is too crappy to go hiking, But I'll make breakfsat, come over". I rolled out of my bed and grabed some clothes and took a shower.

I showed up at Aimee's house, Aimee told me to texted Jessica and see if she wanted to come over for breakfast, I texted her, but she didn't sound to into it, so I told her "well breakfast will be here if you wanna come over and have it".

Man, this breakfast Aimee made was flipp'n awsome. She made poched eggs 0n waffles, MMMmmmmm D E L I C I O U S E. I must have cleaned my plate in no time flat. We Sat in front of the TV and watched Tiger Woods Play some golf. I soon felt like it was time for me to get out of the kids hair and go home and let them lounge around in comfort, So off I went.

I pretty much got home and laid down and napped for the rest of the day, not really an active day, but I needed that today.

A Day Not at the beach in Santa Cruz

Ahhh sat., I love sat mornins. I get to sleep in, hang out and relax, no worries. I was suppose to help my buddy work on his car, but it was kinda rainy and Aimee texted me and said " Annette and Lud were in santa cruz, you wanna go with me", I replied back with a " yes" and of to her house I went. When I got there she was doing her hair, which always looks cool. I told her I was starv'n and ate a left over egg croisont( or however you say that word), it was deliciouse. She showed me a portrait of Annettes baby, so cute.

We headed out after Grant got back with the car. We stopped by Micheals and looked for Picture frames. When we decided which frame would fit the picture we bought it and headed out to santa cruz.

The drive to Santa Cruz is always interesting, especially when Aimee gets irrated with all the other driver were going too slow. We arrived at an aswome beachhouse, well a couple a blocks away. This place was awsome. We walked into a hallway with nice brown slate tile and off to the left was a starecase leading up to the second floor. We went up and met with Annette and Baby Lexy, man those two are a site for sore eyes. We hung out and talked with the 3 other couples that were there and one guy with his 4 yr old daughter. I had a couple beers when Aimee told me that Short Nicole was coming out to the Beachhouse. I texted her and asked if I could catch a ride back to San Jose from Santa Cruz when she goes back, since Aimee had to go back to San Jose early for work, She said" no problem." We hung out and danced for a while, then we said our goodbyes and thanked everyone, and we were on our way. Nicole dropped me off at Aimees house, I grabbed my car and rolled over to Jack's, I think it was around 9 pm. Tall Nicole was sitting at the bar, so i pulled up a chair between her and Gabi( Not a bad place to sit) and ordered a beer.We talked for a while , then I saw Jeremy come in and we talked for a few minutes. I was getting tired about this time so I said my goodbyes to every and off to home I went. I sat on the couch and started to o threw the channels, when Clint came in the door, we bulshitted for a few minutes, drank some beers and then Medik came in the door, He looked like he had a couple drinks himself. Medik and Clint went off into the music room and shut the door, so I went off to

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Well, its been a few days since I wrote, sorry aboot that.

I Guess I have been having an ok week. You know except paying rent I cant afford, putting my friends car in the shop to get fixed so I can give my other friend his car back. I have just felt overwhelmed lately, low on money, love and family. I know this is not true and in time it will pass.

I have , though been having good work week. Monday I was so tired from lack of sleep Sunday night, due to some cats. I was suppose to drive to Fresno and do a couple jobs, but I was so tired when I picked my friend up, he volunteered to drive to Fresno and let me sleep, That was awsome.

Tuesday, I didn't do much, just work. I had lunch with one of the girls from H.R., it was cool, had some really good mexican food, man I love mexican food. I even had it again after work when I picked up Aimee and grant from the airport. Those guys were still ripped from their Vegas trip. Later on that night I got a call from my friend Gabi, want'n to know if I could house sit for the night, It's been 4 days since I have been in my own bed. Gabi is a funny chic, after I told her I would stay at her house for the night, she told me not to use the bathroom its been acting up, and for me not to mind the porn she has stashed under the T.V., I never found the porn.

Wed. I had a good day, bad night. My job sites were in Big Sur and Carmel, such a beautiful place. I love these days when the days are warm and sunny and driving along the coast. I was in such a good mood when I arrived at jack's bars, Aimee was workin when I walked in, so i pulled up a stool and ordered a beer and continued to let her know how good I felt. Later on Jessica came in and we talked for a minute, then it started feeling like she was purposly giveing me a hard time , I told her I wasn't going to let her get me down, and gave her a hard time right back. I don't think she cared for that to much cause she left right afterwards, ofcourse I feel like an asshole now, but I am no gonna apologize to her. I went home and started feeling a little sad because I had such a good day, then to spend it alone at night, kinda dont want good days if I have noone to share them with. I guess I was feelin bad that night cause I was a dick to a girl I kinda have a crush on, wow thats the first time I have said that, anyway.

Thursday was a really cool day, I drove to Eureka. I have finally seen the redwood forest and Mendacino county and Humbolt, so pretty up there. I got back home around 8 pm to see Gilbert and the rest of his crew in the back house watching the hockey game, I bought a 12 pack of Pabst and sat by a fire I made in the the fire pit on the patio and just watched the flames. A little later on some girls showed up with some beers and meat. I started the pit so they could cook and talked to them for a while. After the game, I was a little buzzed and we all decided to go bar hoping. First we went to Cinabar, but I didnt go inside , too crowded for me, then we went to the Caravan and I sat and talked to one of the girls somemore while I sipped on a cold Miller Highlife, she was crackin me up and we were laughin, after that we went to the Blank club, well I got to the front door, I was just too tired and my ankle was killin me from trying to break firewood earlier, so I got a cab back to the house. On the way home i had the cab driver pull over to a taco truck and got a burrito, which later I came to regret.

Friday, I wasn't very productive, I did my paperwork for work, then went home and pretty much slept all day, except getting a hoagie with Clint and Guch.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

does your brain ach today

Wow, All I have to say is wow.
So yesterday was a good day. after dropping Aimee and Grant off at the airport, I went back to their house and laid on the couch and watched all of season 4 of big love, not really a good show , but I love Chloe savhaweveruspellhername, so sexy as a Mormon. Not really a productive day(which is what I was going for).

I rode my bike up to jacks around 9 to go meet up with Keith and Nicole. I sat there for a while talkn to Keith and Ed and the usual passer bys. Then Ed started passing out shots of Jack(did I mention I really can't drink shot) and I got a little tilted.
Later on I finally saw my friend Jeremy and we had a good talk, and he gave me pointers on how to write and blog. I like when i see him, he is a very interesting person to talk too and he listens too, that is hard to find.
Not really sure how I got home, But I woke up with a weird trash can in in Aimee's kitchen and my bike not here. I text ed Nicole and she informed me that my bike is locked up in back of jacks. I also woke up to all Aimee's cats running a muk in the house and tommy as usual threw up in the middle of the floor and pooped in the corner, somethin i like cleaning up all hung over.

I can't wait to see what today brings, I hope gilbert caught lots of salmon yesterday so I can eat some.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Friday 4-2-10

Ok, Just to let you know alittle about me, an intro if you will.

My name is Wesley Hyden, and I am a 37 years old boy from southeast Texas living in San Jose California. I just recently left the grand life of a tower hand moving from town to town to start working a real job.

This blog is to help me out and let you know how I am trying to survive in the world on Wes.

So, let's get started.

Yesterday was a different day I guess. It started with me waking up way too early in the morning. I had to drive and pick my friend up from his house by 8 am in the morning in Concord. The reason I have to do this because he is nice enough to let me use his car for work, because i wrecked mine a few weeks back.

So I dropped him off at work, the I drove to Modesto to walk a couple jobs. I drive all over california for work. I like this job, It lets me drive and think( sometime good, sometimes not). When I was done with my site walks, i drove back and picked my buddy up from work, then dropped him off at home and drove back to San Jose( did i mention I drive alot).

I got home talked to Gibert for a minute, Lucky guy, he's goin salmon fishing in the morning. After that I went and layed down for a minute, then set some plans to go pick Aimee and grant up and go to Jack's (home #2) and meet up with some friends from out of town and my buddy Keith.

I ran into Jeremy at jacks and talked to him for a bit( what a cool guy), then Heather, her boyfriend, aimee, grant and me got a cab to the firehouse.
Pretty crowded but cool, I was enjoying hanging out with Aimee, she is my best friend and the coolist person I know. I went to go use the bathroom and I came back and noone was where I left them(this is where the night got bad) So I went next door to the old wagon wheel, but to no prevale, getting frustrated I went back to the firehouse and still could not find them. Well this really started irritating me, so having a few shots and plenty of beer in me I started texting and calling aimee, but no reply, no answer. Now very angry, thinking I got left behind somewhere and no one noticed I was gone. I got a cab up to jacks thinking they might have gone back there. But they were not, so i went to aimees house(now this is where I went a little nuts), I have a house key. I knocked and noone answered so I went in and was so mad about the whole thing I wrote in dry erase on their glass coffee table "fuck you", I was trying to let them know just how irritared I was and i figured that would be a good way of going about it. I left and went to go home.

On my way home i stopped by 7 eleven to buy an angry pack of cigs, When I paid for it I looked up and saw no other than clint, Guch, and Ben( they are friends of mine which i live with). This was awsome, These guys always cheer me up, it was so cool to see these guys on such a bad night. We went back to the house.

After I got home I got a call from Grant on Aimee's phone. I let them know just how angry i was and grant explained to me what happened and he apologized. I then told him what I did to his coffee table.
Wow, I could win jackass of the year award.
But it all lets me know just how good friends I have. If they are willing to put up with me, then they are good friends.

Aimee woke me this morning with apologys and I apologized to her, man I love that girl. I took Aimee and grant to the Airport, All Is good.