Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Day Not at the beach in Santa Cruz

Ahhh sat., I love sat mornins. I get to sleep in, hang out and relax, no worries. I was suppose to help my buddy work on his car, but it was kinda rainy and Aimee texted me and said " Annette and Lud were in santa cruz, you wanna go with me", I replied back with a " yes" and of to her house I went. When I got there she was doing her hair, which always looks cool. I told her I was starv'n and ate a left over egg croisont( or however you say that word), it was deliciouse. She showed me a portrait of Annettes baby, so cute.

We headed out after Grant got back with the car. We stopped by Micheals and looked for Picture frames. When we decided which frame would fit the picture we bought it and headed out to santa cruz.

The drive to Santa Cruz is always interesting, especially when Aimee gets irrated with all the other driver were going too slow. We arrived at an aswome beachhouse, well a couple a blocks away. This place was awsome. We walked into a hallway with nice brown slate tile and off to the left was a starecase leading up to the second floor. We went up and met with Annette and Baby Lexy, man those two are a site for sore eyes. We hung out and talked with the 3 other couples that were there and one guy with his 4 yr old daughter. I had a couple beers when Aimee told me that Short Nicole was coming out to the Beachhouse. I texted her and asked if I could catch a ride back to San Jose from Santa Cruz when she goes back, since Aimee had to go back to San Jose early for work, She said" no problem." We hung out and danced for a while, then we said our goodbyes and thanked everyone, and we were on our way. Nicole dropped me off at Aimees house, I grabbed my car and rolled over to Jack's, I think it was around 9 pm. Tall Nicole was sitting at the bar, so i pulled up a chair between her and Gabi( Not a bad place to sit) and ordered a beer.We talked for a while , then I saw Jeremy come in and we talked for a few minutes. I was getting tired about this time so I said my goodbyes to every and off to home I went. I sat on the couch and started to o threw the channels, when Clint came in the door, we bulshitted for a few minutes, drank some beers and then Medik came in the door, He looked like he had a couple drinks himself. Medik and Clint went off into the music room and shut the door, so I went off to

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