Sunday, April 4, 2010

does your brain ach today

Wow, All I have to say is wow.
So yesterday was a good day. after dropping Aimee and Grant off at the airport, I went back to their house and laid on the couch and watched all of season 4 of big love, not really a good show , but I love Chloe savhaweveruspellhername, so sexy as a Mormon. Not really a productive day(which is what I was going for).

I rode my bike up to jacks around 9 to go meet up with Keith and Nicole. I sat there for a while talkn to Keith and Ed and the usual passer bys. Then Ed started passing out shots of Jack(did I mention I really can't drink shot) and I got a little tilted.
Later on I finally saw my friend Jeremy and we had a good talk, and he gave me pointers on how to write and blog. I like when i see him, he is a very interesting person to talk too and he listens too, that is hard to find.
Not really sure how I got home, But I woke up with a weird trash can in in Aimee's kitchen and my bike not here. I text ed Nicole and she informed me that my bike is locked up in back of jacks. I also woke up to all Aimee's cats running a muk in the house and tommy as usual threw up in the middle of the floor and pooped in the corner, somethin i like cleaning up all hung over.

I can't wait to see what today brings, I hope gilbert caught lots of salmon yesterday so I can eat some.

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