Saturday, April 3, 2010

Friday 4-2-10

Ok, Just to let you know alittle about me, an intro if you will.

My name is Wesley Hyden, and I am a 37 years old boy from southeast Texas living in San Jose California. I just recently left the grand life of a tower hand moving from town to town to start working a real job.

This blog is to help me out and let you know how I am trying to survive in the world on Wes.

So, let's get started.

Yesterday was a different day I guess. It started with me waking up way too early in the morning. I had to drive and pick my friend up from his house by 8 am in the morning in Concord. The reason I have to do this because he is nice enough to let me use his car for work, because i wrecked mine a few weeks back.

So I dropped him off at work, the I drove to Modesto to walk a couple jobs. I drive all over california for work. I like this job, It lets me drive and think( sometime good, sometimes not). When I was done with my site walks, i drove back and picked my buddy up from work, then dropped him off at home and drove back to San Jose( did i mention I drive alot).

I got home talked to Gibert for a minute, Lucky guy, he's goin salmon fishing in the morning. After that I went and layed down for a minute, then set some plans to go pick Aimee and grant up and go to Jack's (home #2) and meet up with some friends from out of town and my buddy Keith.

I ran into Jeremy at jacks and talked to him for a bit( what a cool guy), then Heather, her boyfriend, aimee, grant and me got a cab to the firehouse.
Pretty crowded but cool, I was enjoying hanging out with Aimee, she is my best friend and the coolist person I know. I went to go use the bathroom and I came back and noone was where I left them(this is where the night got bad) So I went next door to the old wagon wheel, but to no prevale, getting frustrated I went back to the firehouse and still could not find them. Well this really started irritating me, so having a few shots and plenty of beer in me I started texting and calling aimee, but no reply, no answer. Now very angry, thinking I got left behind somewhere and no one noticed I was gone. I got a cab up to jacks thinking they might have gone back there. But they were not, so i went to aimees house(now this is where I went a little nuts), I have a house key. I knocked and noone answered so I went in and was so mad about the whole thing I wrote in dry erase on their glass coffee table "fuck you", I was trying to let them know just how irritared I was and i figured that would be a good way of going about it. I left and went to go home.

On my way home i stopped by 7 eleven to buy an angry pack of cigs, When I paid for it I looked up and saw no other than clint, Guch, and Ben( they are friends of mine which i live with). This was awsome, These guys always cheer me up, it was so cool to see these guys on such a bad night. We went back to the house.

After I got home I got a call from Grant on Aimee's phone. I let them know just how angry i was and grant explained to me what happened and he apologized. I then told him what I did to his coffee table.
Wow, I could win jackass of the year award.
But it all lets me know just how good friends I have. If they are willing to put up with me, then they are good friends.

Aimee woke me this morning with apologys and I apologized to her, man I love that girl. I took Aimee and grant to the Airport, All Is good.

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